You shouldn’t watch this any given day…. not just sunday

April 2, 2010 at 4:00 pm (Bad Movies) (, , )

Poster of Any Given Sunday

The plot is a shame and most of the acting is crap but yet some people like this movie.   Please explain this to me how this people still like this movie.  As I write this, a co-worker just told me that she thought this movie was great.  WTF?

The only thing that I find redeeming in this movie is Al Pacino.   Though Al Pacino plays the exact same role in every movie , I still find him entertaining.   So in this pile of wasted time, there is only one ray of interest in there.


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Loved the Book… Loathed the Movie

February 12, 2010 at 7:46 pm (Bad Movies) (, , , , )


I don’t understand how something so great in print could become such junk when the movie was blamed.   Most people blame it on Kevin Costner and his ability to ruin every movie he was in since either Field of Dreams or Dances with Wolves.

For some reason, this post-apocalyptic movie does not seem to draw its audience into their harden lives.  You just feel like ” Oh Well”  and so you don’t care that the postman is the one bring hope to a world that had all but given up.  Avoid it if you can, it’s not hard because it is an older film.

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